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Celebration Night

in October at Old Town Bloomingdale

The whole community is invited to CHARACTER COUNTS! Celebration Night in Old Town Park for fun and entertainment. Children amaze the audience with performances honoring the Six Pillars of Character, and the American Character Awards are presented to school children and youth athletes who exhibit outstanding character.

Check our calendar and come join us to celebrate how CHARACTER COUNTS! in Bloomingdale!

Here is a photo of our 2021 effort of putting feather flags in schools.  Here is one at Westfield (L) and another at Winnebago (R) :




The music will give instructions as to what to do next.

      Twist – twist body.

    Roll – move hands around each other in front of          your body.

    Reach up – hands toward ceiling.

    Blow a kiss – kiss your palm and blow it off you


    Flap Our Wings – put hands in armpits and move

         elbows like wings.

    Stomp Our Feet – stomp floor with alternating


The final prompt – The Six Pillar Shuffle is a Kick –

         make a kick forward.